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Holistic treatment is about taking the whole you into account. It’s not just about treating the symptoms you have, but looking at your complete wellbeing both physical and emotional. At Soul Therapy we offer a number of different types of holistic treatment and help a number of patients in Northwich with different needs. We discuss suitable therapies that complement any existing medical treatment to help you regain your health. For more information on how we can help, contact us today on 07891460772

Holistic Therapies

We offer a range of therapies and always take into account any current medication a patient may be on. Popular treatments such as massaging and aromatherapy are well documented but we can also advise and provide help with other holistic remedies such as reiki healing. We understand that there’s no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to any sort of treatment – either medical or holistic so we carefully monitor and discuss options at every step of a patient’s journey. 

Our Therapists

All our therapists are qualified practitioners and our team is small, friendly and discreet. When you arrive, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so we can understand more about your general health and more importantly, understand and consider any pre-existing conditions and allergies. Our caring team will take you through the options available and manage and plan a course of treatment that aims to get you back on the path to good health.


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